Finding The Best Management Accountant In Rotterdam

If you own an organization or work in one, you understand the importance of finding a reliable management consultant. You need someone who will help you to monitor the flow of cash in your organization so that you can track your expenditures and income apart from planning for the future. The following tips should help you to find a reliable management accountant in Rotterdam.

Qualifications and skillsnsfwee97867e5

Before anyone can work as a management accountant in this area, there are qualifications that they need to have. These professionals often spend several years in school learning the skills that they should use to do their work. They also should be accredited by relevant bodies apart from having the license to do the job. If an accountant does not have any of these qualifications, the only thing that can be expected is that they will not offer the kinds of services that you need. You can find qualified accountant at

Dedication and passion for work

You also should find an accountant who is passionate about the work. They should have the urge to see your organization grow according to your policy. With such passion, you can be sure that they will offer their best skills, and they will be dedicated to their job. In fact, you will not even have to monitor their work because you already know that they have your interests at heart. Unfortunately, not all the accountants that you will come across in Rotterdam can assure you of this and so, you have to be very careful.


jsfrtdrr7t35798Hiring experienced management consultants has a lot of benefits. For instance, since they have been doing this job for long, they understand the major accounting challenges that organizations go through and so, they will be better positioned to solve them. They also are aware of the ever-changing needs of accounting and are able to come up with ways to adapt to them. Statistics also show that there are small unique skills that they learn during their work. Although these skills might seem too small, they often end up making a big difference.

Finding a good management consultant in Rotterdam should not be a difficult task. For instance, you can easily contact a recruiter and have them suggest some of the best candidates that they have come across. You also can do this by asking for the opinions of other professionals in this field because they probably have interacted with many reliable accountants.…

Things to Know About the Letters Of Credit for Import

The letters of credit for import are the documents of assurance issued by the bank of the buyer to seller to assure him of the delivery of the payment for the products and services exported by him through his bank after the maturity of the transaction. The buyer and seller get into a contractual agreement to mature the transaction as per the terms and conditions of the agreement. In other words, if you are the beneficiary of the letter of credit opened you will receive the amount at the agreed time through the bank of the buyer. The guidelines of Uniform Customs and Practice of Documentary Credit of International Chamber of Commerce or UCP 600 help in handling all the letters of credit used in export-import trade.

Types of letters of creditLetter of Credit 01

Various types of letters of credit are used in the business circle these days. Irrevocable, revocable, unconfirmed, confirmed, fixed, clean and documentary, transferable, revolving and back to back, etc. are some of the letters of credit commonly used to assure the payments to the seller. But still Irrevocable Letter of Credit is commonly used around the globe for the benefit of both buyer and seller.

When can seller get the money from Letter of Credit?

The period of credit is decided at the time of signing an agreement between the buyer and the seller. So the time of effective payment is determined by the bank of the opening account on the basis of the decision made at the time of the agreement.

Duration of the Credit period under Letter of Credit

Letter of Credit 02The mutually agreed terms and conditions between the buyer and the seller before the actual commencement of a transaction can help in determining the duration credit period under the letter of credit. In fact the total period of credit, as per government regulations, should not be more than 180 days but a foreign buyer can opt for 30, 60, 90 or 120 days as period of credit in certain transactions.

Usually, they consider the date of shipment to calculate the period of credit under the letter of credit. The date of the airway bill or bill of lading can help in determining the date of shipment.

So a buyer can open letters of credit for import as per the terms and conditions of the international business with his bank to assure the seller to get the payment of the products and services exported by him through his bank.…

6 Advantages Of Investing In Commodities

Over the years, commodity futures have become an important part of every diversified and successful investment portfolio. This is probably because returns from most commodities over the last 50 years or so have been significantly higher than the average global inflation rate. It can, therefore, act as a hedge against inflation while providing a constant cash flow. There are many advantages of investing in commodities including the following.

1. LiquidityPenny Stock 06

Unlike real estate and some other investment vehicles, commodity futures often offer high liquidity. This simply means that it is easy to buy & sell futures, and you can also easily liquidate your position whenever required. Moreover, you have the ability to use the returns from a trade in other avenues without having to close your position.

2. Leverage

Since trading is done on margins, investors enjoy greater leverage. You will only need to deposit a portion of the value of the commodities contract with a broker to cover specified margin requirements for exchange. The greater leverage allows you the chance to generate even higher returns.

3. Diversification

Diversification is a proven way to keep your returns steady and minimize losses. Thankfully, commodity investments enable you to put your money in different avenues and steady your portfolio even when other investments are tanking. You can invest in precious metals like Gold, foodstuffs, energy and industrial metals.

4. Hedge against inflation

As the currency depreciates, stocks and bonds tend to earn less as well as fall in value. Most investors fear this kind of situation because it means a higher possibility of making huge losses. But commodity prices typically rise during periods of inflation, so anyone who has invested in the market can take advantage of the upswing. It acts as an inflation hedge.

Businessman Holding Nest Full Of Golden Eggs5. Higher returns

Individual commodity prices may fluctuate due to a myriad of factors such as exchange rates, inflation, supply and demand, and the overall performance of the economy. Although this poses a risk of your investment losing value, there’s also a chance of raking in more returns. For instance, prices rise when the demand is high meaning that you can get higher profits during this period if you play your cards right.

6. Transparency

Another advantage of investing in commodities is that the trading is transparency and not vulnerable to manipulation. Prices are determined by a price discovery method without intervention by sellers or buyers. Moreover, all stakeholders/ investors are required to undergo strident security checks & due diligence to trade on the platform.…