Top Benefits of Initial Coin Offering

Over the recent times, businesses all over the world have been raising millions of dollars through Initial Coin Offering (ICO). This is an arrangement where they sell digital tokens to raise capital for their operations. Most of them use this money to get new software, invest in new ventures, fund their operations, and other business-related expenses. Studies show that this has become one of the most preferred ways to raise capital because of the ease with which it is done. Starter companies. Therefore, it comes as no surprise when you find almost everyone talking about ICO. The only thing that you may be concerned about is if they really know the benefits of using such a system. To help you understand how effective it can be, here are some of the top benefits of Initial Coin Offering.

It is quick and easy

bitcoinRegardless of your skills and expertise, you can easily set up and ICO and start raising money for your business. Depending on the appeal that your business has on the target audience, the money can start flowing in immediately. This means that you will have all the cash that you have been missing, and you can now fund the operations that have stalled for long. This is in sharp contrast to other funding processes where you would have to go through too many verification processes, and wait for ages just to see the first penny in your account.

It is good for decentralized applications

If your business is using decentralized applications, one of the ways to strengthen them is by having more users. The experiences from these many users are what will contribute to the success of such application. Through an Initial Coin Offering, you can help to boost these applications. This is possible through an increased user base that is made possible by the number of people that are joining the ICO. It is a sure way to boost the operations of the network on the question and therefore, your business will benefit immensely from it.

It is an easy marketing strategy

business growthUnlike when using other methods to raise funds for your business, marketing an Initial Coin Offering is quite easy. Since everything is done online, the sky is the limit when it comes to this. You simply need to set your systems in place, and leverage on online tools to get to your desired targets. This can be done by use of free tools. For instance, you can easily integrate the ICO with social media so that people can share it. The more it is shared, the more you are likely to reach more people without even having to struggle too much through the marketing process.


To enjoy the best experiences when raising funds through an Initial Coin Offering, you should closely monitor the process. You have to find a way of avoiding the volatility and uncertainty that often surrounds the prices of tokens so that you can gain the trust of your targeted audience.…

Financial Planning – Why Should Start Planning For Your Future

With the financial crisis and economic uncertainties, the need to have a financially secure future cannot be overlooked. There are those that make good financial decisions and execute them on their own. Unfortunately, a huge percentage of the population cannot do it on their own. This is where Financial planner sydney come in. A financial plan is a tool or mechanism that helps you organize your finances and empower you on ways to listing expenses with calculatormake your financial future secure.

It achieves this by helping you identify your current position and align it with your objectives with the aim of making your future better. As such, to make things better, you will have to allocate your finances access your accounts in the right way. The process of allocation should match with what you want to achieve.

Future Savings

There are various reasons why people save. This could be when saving for acquiring property, education or even for retirement. As such, most financial savings require periodic funding. That said, a sound financial plan should help you set priorities; determine how far you are from achieving your goals and how much you are expected to save towards that objective.


Have you ever thought of where your property will go after you pass on? Who will benefit? As such, having a financial plan can help you decide on that. Well, most people have a list of beneficiaries linked to their asset. However, there are those that would want the community to benefits by donating to a good course like charity. As such, a financial plan will help you ensure that your money is used in the right way long after you are gone.

group of office peopleUtilizing employee benefits

For those in employment, most employers have some benefits set aside for their employees. These benefits also come with your financial plan. It could be an insurance program, retirement savings, or career advancement benefits. An experienced financial planner will help you understand the relevance of these advantages by incorporating them into your financial plan.

The benefits mentioned above are enough reasons to have a financial plan. However, besides just understanding the value of a financial plan, you need to have someone to help you enjoy these benefits. A sound financial plan is a product of professional training and experience. A certified financial planner will critically analyze your financial situation and use his or her knowledge to resolve your economic issues.…

Pros And Cons Of Offshore Investing

For many years offshore investing has been demonized by the media. In fact, it is seen as a way of investors investing their money with illegal companies located in certain areas where tax is quite minimal. Although, it is true that there are some shady offshore deals, the majority of offshore trading and investing is perfectly legal. This explains why you need offshore stock brokerage services. Depending on your situation, you are likely to find this type of trading having several advantages.

What is offshore trading?

This refers to a broad range of investment strategies, which capitalize on the benefits provided outside the invescounting moneytor’s home country. Before you stash your hard-earned cash, you need to know its advantages and disadvantages. You will note that there is a large money market, equity assets, bonds, and stocks provided by reputable offshore companies. All these are time-tested, fiscally sound, and legal.


Tax reduction

There are countries known as tax havens. These provide tax incentives to the foreign investors. Favorable tax rates in the offshore country are meant to promote a healthy environment for investing, which attracts outside wealth. It is true a tiny country with only a few resources and small population, which attracts investors dramatically increases economic activity. This means that offshore investment takes place when investors from outside the country form a company in another country. This company protects investor’s accounts and shields investors from higher tax burdens.

Asset Protection

There are offshore centers, which are popular destinations for restructuring ownership of the assets. Individual wealth can easily be transferred from persons to other legitimate companies. When you male on-paper ownership transfers, individuals are not susceptible to domestic troubles or seizure.


The majority of offshore jurisdictions provide strict banking and corporate confidpointing the world mapentiality. If confidentiality is breached, then there are consequences for the offending party. Divulging customer identities is an example of breaching confidentiality in most
jurisdictions. Secrecy does not imply that these investors are criminals. It is true that high-profile investors do not want the public to know the stocks they are investing in.


Tax laws are becoming tight

There are tax agencies, which are not ignorant of the offshore strategies. They have been aware of traditional ways of avoiding tax. However, there are still some loopholes.


It is a fact that offshore accounts are not that cheap to create. To create a company that operates in this location may require registration fees, legal fees, and even owning some property in the country.…

6 Advantages Of Investing In Commodities

Over the years, commodity futures have become an important part of every diversified and successful investment portfolio. This is probably because returns from most commodities over the last 50 years or so have been significantly higher than the average global inflation rate. It can, therefore, act as a hedge against inflation while providing a constant cash flow. There are many advantages of investing in commodities including the following.

1. Liquiditybar graph

Unlike real estate and some other investment vehicles, commodity futures often offer high liquidity. This simply means that it is easy to buy & sell futures, and you can also easily liquidate your position whenever required. Moreover, you have the ability to use the returns from a trade in other avenues without having to close your position.

2. Leverage

Since trading is done on margins, investors enjoy greater leverage. You will only need to deposit a portion of the value of the commodities contract with a broker to cover specified margin requirements for exchange. The greater leverage allows you the chance to generate even higher returns.

3. Diversification

Diversification is a proven way to keep your returns steady and minimize losses. Thankfully, commodity investments enable you to put your money in different avenues and steady your portfolio even when other investments are tanking. You can invest in precious metals like Gold, foodstuffs, energy and industrial metals.

4. Hedge against inflation

As the currency depreciates, stocks and bonds tend to earn less as well as fall in value. Most investors fear this kind of situation because it means a higher possibility of making huge losses. But commodity prices typically rise during periods of inflation, so anyone who has invested in the market can take advantage of the upswing. It acts as an inflation hedge.

Businessman Holding Nest Full Of Golden Eggs5. Higher returns

Individual commodity prices may fluctuate due to a myriad of factors such as exchange rates, inflation, supply and demand, and the overall performance of the economy. Although this poses a risk of your investment losing value, there’s also a chance of raking in more returns. For instance, prices rise when the demand is high meaning that you can get higher profits during this period if you play your cards right.

6. Transparency

Another advantage of investing in commodities is that the trading is transparency and not vulnerable to manipulation. Prices are determined by a price discovery method without intervention by sellers or buyers. Moreover, all stakeholders/ investors are required to undergo strident security checks & due diligence to trade on the platform.…