Top Benefits of Initial Coin Offering

Over the recent times, businesses all over the world have been raising millions of dollars through Initial Coin Offering (ICO). This is an arrangement where they sell digital tokens to raise capital for their operations. Most of them use this money to get new software, invest in new ventures, fund their operations, and other business-related expenses. Studies show that this has become one of the most preferred ways to raise capital because of the ease with which it is done. Starter companies. Therefore, it comes as no surprise when you find almost everyone talking about ICO. The only thing that you may be concerned about is if they really know the benefits of using such a system. To help you understand how effective it can be, here are some of the top benefits of Initial Coin Offering.

It is quick and easy

bitcoinRegardless of your skills and expertise, you can easily set up and ICO and start raising money for your business. Depending on the appeal that your business has on the target audience, the money can start flowing in immediately. This means that you will have all the cash that you have been missing, and you can now fund the operations that have stalled for long. This is in sharp contrast to other funding processes where you would have to go through too many verification processes, and wait for ages just to see the first penny in your account.

It is good for decentralized applications

If your business is using decentralized applications, one of the ways to strengthen them is by having more users. The experiences from these many users are what will contribute to the success of such application. Through an Initial Coin Offering, you can help to boost these applications. This is possible through an increased user base that is made possible by the number of people that are joining the ICO. It is a sure way to boost the operations of the network on the question and therefore, your business will benefit immensely from it.

It is an easy marketing strategy

business growthUnlike when using other methods to raise funds for your business, marketing an Initial Coin Offering is quite easy. Since everything is done online, the sky is the limit when it comes to this. You simply need to set your systems in place, and leverage on online tools to get to your desired targets. This can be done by use of free tools. For instance, you can easily integrate the ICO with social media so that people can share it. The more it is shared, the more you are likely to reach more people without even having to struggle too much through the marketing process.


To enjoy the best experiences when raising funds through an Initial Coin Offering, you should closely monitor the process. You have to find a way of avoiding the volatility and uncertainty that often surrounds the prices of tokens so that you can gain the trust of your targeted audience.…