Can trading be a good source of income?

line graphFor a person thinking about the best source of income, trading may seem like a great way to earn a six figure profit yearly. There are a lot of advertisements that may lure a person to consider trading, forgetting that trading greatly depends on the market behavior. The truth is that trading can be daunting, especially for a person considering day trading as a means to earn a living.

The lucrative and risky nature of trading all depends on the term it takes for a trader to make a profit. This can happen in as few as several minutes and as long as several days. Therefore, anyone considering trading must carefully master the ability to spot a good and risky trading opportunity. Brokers can do this for you.

For a better understanding, let us look at a simple trading review.

The fundamentals of Trading

There are several fundamental principles that can determine whether a trade will make a loss or profit. Research shows that only about 13% of day traders earn a net profit yearly. The reason why this number is so atrocious is simply due to the inability to master the concepts of successful trading. Some of these vital concepts include:

Recognition of potential candidates

reading news paperIn many cases, investors are stuck to the belief that by reading financial news and keeping a close watch on money markets, they will always have an update of the market behavior. However, they lack to understand that by the time they get the news from money markets and financial reports; the markets have already shifted. Therefore, some steps must be taken to ensure spotting the right trading opportunities. These steps include:

  • Observing the moving average of a stock over a certain period
  •  Mastering the overall patterns to decide on the best time to enter into short or long positions
  • Having a sense of positive and negative market trends

Risk Control

Trading involves a lot of risk due to it’s short term nature. It is, therefore, important to minimize risk for the purpose of maximizing profit. This can be achieved by taking advantage of buy stops and sell stops to protect against market reversals. These two are designed to limit the investor’s downside.

Bottom line

cash graphicBuying high-quality stocks and holding them for some time is a good strategy when it comes to investing in trading. This is a good way to make sure that you make money in both the bulls and the bears market while maximizing the profits and minimizing the losses. Therefore, trading can be a good source of income, but only through the use of strategic tools and most importantly, if you know how to avoid scams. You can  click here and learn more.…